New Gardens Planned at Center for Grief

New Gardens Planned at Center for Grief

Mar 25, 2014

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An exterior makeover will be taking place at FamilyMeans’ Center for Grief, Loss & Transition as designs for the new healing garden becomes reality. The project will involve renovating the current gardens around the Center for Grief, which is comprised of two historic homes on Grand Avenue in St. Paul, to create an interconnected healing garden for relief, growth, and reflection for people who visit the Center for Grief.

“We are very excited for the new garden landscape that will complete out outdoor space,” said Jennifer Baker-Jones, clinical director for the Center for Grief. “I hope the garden becomes a natural extension of hope and comfort beyond the building setting, as there are many unique elements that will help create a welcoming space for those who come here.”

Among the features of the healing garden will be a wailing wall where people can leave messages for their loved ones. The wailing wall follows the sacred customs of multicultural pilgrimage, promoting regeneration. In addition, there will be a labyrinth that visitors can walk to meditate, quiet their mind and reduce stress. The garden and walkways will also provide an array of foliage and colors that will not only be enjoyed by those who visit, but the garden will also add beauty visible to passerby on Grand Avenue.

The Center for Grief specializes in the areas of complicated grief, trauma, and life transition and is dedicated to offering hope and providing specialized therapy and education. The work of the Center for Greif and, by extension, the healing garden is to provide refuge and a safe place for healing during difficult times.

To learn more about the Center for Grief, visit their website.