Day Out! and Youth Participants Come Together in Harmony

Day Out! and Youth Participants Come Together in Harmony

Mar 24, 2014

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What do the children from Cimarron do with a day off from school? They enjoy some fun with the participants of Day Out! in Stillwater. On Friday, March 21, about a dozen children participated in songs and games along with the Day Out! attendees, around the theme Africa.

Each week there is a new Day Out! theme that brings creativity and learning to the program that takes place at FamilyMeans. Day Out! began in 2011 and quickly became a popular program for families caring for adults with chronic health issues. The four-hour programming each Friday provides a break for the attendees’ caregivers.

The children’s program in Cimarron started in 2008 and provides year-round activities for the youth. More than 150 children and teens from Cimarron participated in FamilyMeans’ youth programming in 2013.

To learn more about the youth programs offered by FamilyMeans, click here. For more information on the Day Out! program and other services offered by the caregiver support program, visit the Caregiver section of our website.