Family is the Building Blocks of a Strong Community

Family is the Building Blocks of a Strong Community

Mar 16, 2014

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FamilyMeans mission is to strengthen communities by strengthening families. But what does that really mean, and how can you help?

The end goal for FamilyMeans is to have a community that is responsive, strong, and one that can support people living in the community when they have needs looking to be met. In order to have a strong community, it requires everyone working together to help people in need. In turn, people who have received help will one day work to support their community as well, looking to make it stronger when they are able, and offering their support in order to do so.

This desire to help, and ability to do so if available, are the building blocks of a strong community. As Bryan Kemnetz of Lake Elmo Bank says in this video, it all starts with one person coming together to build a stronger "block" - community - to the benefit of everyone.

To learn how you can help strengthen our community by strengthening families through FamilyMeans programs, contact us today.