You're Not Alone in Asking For Help

You're Not Alone in Asking For Help

Mar 12, 2014

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There is a misconception that only people who are in the worst of situations need help from social services in their community like FamilyMeans. Many people think the only types of services that are available to people in need, are when their needs are great, and often times the most dire. But this is a myth at FamilyMeans, thanks in part to help from volunteers.

Lorie Etter is a volunteer at FamilyMeans who - like her family generations past - has always believed in accessible services, welcoming environments, and getting help to people when it can still be of assistance to them before a problem becomes too large. This is why Lorie, and many other volunteers in our community, support FamilyMeans in any way they can. For Lorie and her family, support for their community comes in the form of time donated to a cause or program, helping out where needed. It makes a difference.

Having volunteers work so closely with an organization like FamilyMeans helps to bridge any disconnects between people in need of help, and staff members providing help. Volunteers like Lorie have a voice they share passionately in support of FamilyMeans services, helping spread the message that if someone needs assistance, they should reach out to FamilyMeans before it is too late. As Lorie states in this video, often times the most difficult part is simply asking for the help. Someone who is on the verge of bankruptcy may not feel inclined to reach out for assistance until there are no options left. But Lorie helps make people feel welcome in coming to FamilyMeans before someone reaches that tipping point.

To learn more about the services FamilyMeans offers - to all people, whenever they are needed - visit our website. If you are interested in volunteering your own time to help your community, contact us today to see how you can help.