Access To Services When They're Needed Makes a Difference

Access To Services When They're Needed Makes a Difference

Mar 10, 2014

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Often when people think of services provided by a non-profit organization, they may imagine emergency services for families and individuals who are in dire need. Whether it is when someone is facing homelessness, bankruptcy, no money available to pay bills, or a broken family that has fought for years, it is these types of high tension situations where non-profits traditionally have stepped in to support the community.

But this is not all the services non-profits provide, nor the only time they provide those services. What many people may not realize is non-profit services can be needed by anyone, at any time. Think of some of the aforementioned "emergency" type situations when non-profits have been called on in the past. If someone is homeless, there is someone who was facing mortgage payments piling up before their homelessness just months ago. If someone is facing bankruptcy, there was someone who was having difficulty managing their finances just before this as well. A broken family? It may have been a group of family members who needed to talk to each other in a safe environment just a few weeks ago.

It's the role of FamilyMeans in the St. Croix Community to address all of these needs, but also to address them at the time they are needed. FamilyMeans is available in the community to help take preventative measures for people, to be a place where - regardless of the type of help you need - you can find it nearby.

Andy Rose, Manager at local business Rose Floral, understands the benefit of having this type of access in his community. Because of this unique service, he and Rose Floral are happy to support FamilyMeans, and through them, their community.

To learn how you can support FamilyMeans, visit our donation page, or contact us today to learn more.