FamilyMeans Offers Support for Critical Needs in the Community

FamilyMeans Offers Support for Critical Needs in the Community

Feb 18, 2014

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Throughout FamilyMeans' 50 year history, the needs of the community have certainly changed. Throughout that time, some needs may become more critical and in need of an immediate response over other needs. It is the job of FamilyMeans to respond to those needs with trained and supportive staff that can help individuals and families out of all sorts of troubling times.

This has become especially poignant for people in recent years as the economy has taken a downward, hitting families and individuals hard with financial troubles.  From debt relief, financial education, budget counseling, and more, FamilyMeans financial helping services have been in high demand during stressful times.

But the "critical needs" of the community aren't just financial needs. People feeling over-stressed in their caregiving duties, or kids looking for an escape from troubling patterns of behavior, may find help through our caregiver support programs and youth services, respectively. Programs which address critical needs such as this, and many others, are constantly being offered by FamilyMeans to the community, and changing as those needs change.

Volunteer Mary Gillespie shares her views on FamilyMeans' ability to help in critical times for families and individuals in the community in this "50 Stories for 50 Years" video.

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