Youth Programs Help Instill Values for Kids' Futures

Youth Programs Help Instill Values for Kids' Futures

Jan 29, 2014

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Since 1993, FamilyMeans has been offering specific youth programs and services to families and kids in Landfall, Minnesota. From the beginnings of this youth center came additional programs and a new site in Cimarron, in 2008. The success of these youth programs is seen not only in their longevity, but in the lasting impression they leave on youth participants who engage with FamilyMeans youth programs.

Lee Bojarski was one such youth who participated in FamilyMeans youth services. He left the program, he says, with a strong set of values, which were instilled in him through his time with FamilyMeans. Working with other kids, participating in new activities, and learning new skills of interest to him helped him grow. He says the youth programs gave him "a good base to work off of, ... [they] reinforce the values they may not be reinforced if we're out doing our own thing."

Keeping kids active is a big part of the success of the youth programs, says Lee. "It helps them mature up to where they go off to school, or their job, or wherever they may go."

 But the best part about FamilyMeans' youth programs are the kids who participate, themselves. To learn more about them, and how you can support continued services, contact us today.