FamilyMeans Responds to Changing Community Needs

FamilyMeans Responds to Changing Community Needs

Jan 12, 2014

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After 50 years of serving the community, FamilyMeans can attest to the old addage that change happens over time. From starting as a small service provider to the Stillwater area, lead by community leaders, in 1963, providing education, counseling, and support services, FamilyMeans has since changed and grown.

FamilyMeans knows that an important part of being a community organization is changing to community needs. Over time, we've added or changed programs as the community has shown a need for them. Added financial education services, increasing caregiver support, developing and supporting youth programs, both in Stillwater and into surrounding communities, FamilyMeans has spent 50 years finding ways to strengthen communities by strengthening families and their current needs.

In this video, Board Member Becky Cummins discusses how she has seen FamilyMeans respond to changing needs in the community, and how these actions have helped the community become stronger.

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