Pine Cone Christmas Trees Are Affordable Family Fun

Pine Cone Christmas Trees Are Affordable Family Fun

Dec 17, 2013

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At FamilyMeans, we're always on the look out for affordable, easy, and fun family projects or events. Anything that helps bring the family together, working together, on a project or to have fun, on a dime, is worth sharing in our book! And we felt this project in particular was something our readers may consider with the Christmas holiday upcoming next week.

From the "Scissors and Spoons" website comes the idea for Pine Cone Christmas Trees. This holiday craft is particularly easy, affordable, and something even the younger family members can help out with. And they will look perfect in the snow scene set up in your windows at home, or on the table at dinner!

According to the website, here's what you'll need:

- Clean pine cones
- Craft paint
- Paint brush
- Craft glue
- Glitter
- Small terracotta pots
- Aluminum stars

However, many of these items can be substituted out for more affordable options that will get the job done just as well:

- Pine cones you clean from your own trees
- Any paint available in house
- Paint brush
- Glue in houes (Elmers, crazy glue, maybe a little elbow grease!)
- Glitter
- Styrofoam cups cut down to size (Although some terracotta pots can be found at a dollar store)
- Tinfoil stars

Regardless of the materials you use, the process is much the same and fairly easy and fun. Make sure wash each pine cone in soapy water first, letting them dry and "unfurl" as needed. Then paint the entire pine cone (green for a traditional tree look, white for a "flocked" look), and the pot or cups the color of your choosing. When both items are dried, put a small line of glue along the edges of the pine cones and sprinkle the glitter of them for a dusted look. While the glue is drying, fold or cut tinfoil into star shapes, and secure them to the top of the pine cones when ready, by attaching to the cone itself, additional glue, tacks, etc.

They'll be ready to decorate the house, and make great little accompanying gifts with holiday cookies or other items as needed.

Enjoy, and if you have other project ideas for the family, please share them in the comments!