Affordable DIY Halloween Costumes for Families

Affordable DIY Halloween Costumes for Families

Oct 22, 2013

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With Halloween only a week away, FamilyMeans wanted to consider some great Do It Yourself (DIY) Halloween costumes that could be possible for families. With our work through our Consumer Credit Counseling Services, we understand how difficult it can be to balance the budget yet still provide a fun holiday for the family. When it comes to Halloween, sometimes the costumes are the trickiest to figure out on a budget. Thanks to a recent Stillwater Patch article, though, we got started with a couple of affordable family Halloween costume ideas to consider:

Rock Stars

As Stillwater Patch mentions, families and kids can dress in similar fashion and go together. By wearing old jeans (patched knees are optional!), black leggings, classic, colorful t-shirts, and accessorizing with scarves, belts, bandanas, and more, you have an entire family ready for a rock concert. Break out the make-up kit, and you can take it even further! Eye liner, nail polish, and some hair spray to really spice up the hair-do.

Clowns on the Town

Thought those hand-me-downs from the 1980's would never come in handy? Think again! Dressing the kids up in some oversized clothes, bright shirts, buttons, and some outrageous make-up, will make them fit the part. Wigs, red noses, and other items can be found from existing pieces around the house, or are available on the cheap at local craft or dollar stores, as needed.

Rope 'Em, Ranchers

If you are in the Midwest, the chances that each member of your family have a pair of jeans, flannel or plaid shirts, and a scarf of bandana around. Add in some parent's belts, braid the child's hair, and accessorize with a thick rope as a lasso, and you have the perfect pardner for Halloween night.

All the Colors of the Rainbow

It's as easy as the picture above! Have all the family members dress up in ascending (or descending!) colors from the rainbow. Whether it's in a full sweat suit, or completed with colorful clothing from around the house, a little bit of cotton balls for cloud cover can help round the costume out. Make sure the two costumed family members at the end get to hold the pot of gold collecting candy, though!

These are just a few ideas. If you have any others, leave them in the comments. We'd love to hear from you! And thanks to Stillwater Patch for getting the ideas rolling.