Minnesota Youth Programs Offer Variety for Kids

Minnesota Youth Programs Offer Variety for Kids

Oct 17, 2013

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FamilyMeans is happy to offer two unique youth programs in Minnesota. One location in the community of Landfall, Minnesota, has been offering youth activities since 1993, while the other location in Cimarron, Minnesota, began working with kids and family in that area in 2008. Both community programs have been recognized nationally for their partnerships by America's Promise Alliance.

Whether the programs range from a physical location at the teen centers in both communities, a bicycle program at Landfall, or the children's program out of Cimarron, FamilyMeans has worked to offer a variety of activities and programs that would be of interest for kids in the area. The activities are free for the children in the program, and are appropriate for kids aged fived to 18.

In this video, Community Organizer Tom Yuska give an overview of the programs for youth, talking about the Landfall and Cimarron youth centers.

To learn more about the youth programs, visit their section on our website, or contact us today.