Free Financial Education Courses for Students from FamilyMeans

Free Financial Education Courses for Students from FamilyMeans

Sep 16, 2013

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What money themes are you going to be talking about this year with your students? Do they know what a budget is and how to create one? What do they really know about credit bureaus, reports, and scores? What's a money personality and how does it impact how they handle their money?

FamilyMeans invites you to utlize the classroom education services we provide through our Consumer Credit Counseling Service to teach free financial education courses for youth this year. We can help educated them on financial issues by sharing real-life examples students understand.

All of our financial education courses are provided within K - 16 classrooms free of charge. Our high school presentations are 45 - 50 minutes in length, with many of the topics including:

  • Give Me Some Credit! A look at how credit works - advantages and disadvantages, credit bureaus, reports, and scores
  • Money and Me! A primer on managing money - budgeting to cover expenses and being a smart consumer
  • What's My Money Personality? There's more to money than dollars and cents - an examination of why we handle money as we do
  • Who Would Want My Identity? An overview of identity theft, with special emphasis on its implications for youth.

At FamilyMeans, we specialize in financial education and counseling individuals and families on money management issues, credit use, and consumer decisions. We help educate the entire family unit as well, by offering these education courses to students in their classrooms for free.

To schedule a presentation for your classroom, please call Berni at (651) 789-4052 or contact us today for more information.