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FamilyMeans Next Gen Member Talks About Modern Family Units

FamilyMeans Next Gen Member Talks About Modern Family Units

Aug 01, 2013

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What do you think of what you think "family"? What does family mean for you?

For some, family means the traditional nuclear family of a mom, father, and children in one house. But not all families are comprised in this manner. Some families have a father away from home working, or not at all. Some have single father parents with children. Even more may have parents of the same sex, or an aunt, uncle, or grandparent as the main parental figure in the household, or several generations in one household.

The truth is, as FamilyMeans' Next Gen member Jess Peterson points out in the video above, families can be made in a variety of ways, all with a variety of needs. This diversity helps make families rich, but also presents challenges, challenges to families which FamilyMeans understands.

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