Volunteer Involvement Allows Necessary Breaks for Caregivers

Volunteer Involvement Allows Necessary Breaks for Caregivers

Jul 22, 2013

Caregiver Support, Volunteers, Day Out! Program

FamilyMeans Caregiver Support program has two safe and convenient options for respite care, and wonderful volunteers who make it work.

Volunteers give caregivers a break by providing in-home respite care 4-16 hours each month. And, for those who prefer, caregivers can bring their loved ones to FamilyMeans each Friday where they can participate in Day Out!, a 4-hour group respite program run by FamilyMeans staff and volunteers that keeps participants busy with activities while allowing caregivers time of their own.

It’s because of the many volunteers that FamilyMeans is able to provide these important respite services for caregivers who care for loved ones of all ages and needs. Among this group of volunteers are those who participate in AmeriCorps or Senior Corps and commit to volunteering anywhere from 35 to 60 hours each month.

In 2012, in-home and group respite volunteers provided 13,617 hours of service to 525 individuals. So, to our respite care volunteers, thank you — each and every of one of you — for your commitment, dedication and friendship to those with whom you spend your time — you make a difference!