FamilyMeans Expands Credit Counseling Services in 2013

FamilyMeans Expands Credit Counseling Services in 2013

Jun 09, 2013

Credit counseling services can be of help to anyone. From individuals to families, credit counseling can help you get back on track with your finances through dedicated counseling services. At FamilyMeans, we have made a dedicated effort to expand our credit counseling services in the past year, so we may help more individuals and families through Minnesota and Wisconsin. The following article appeared in the 2013 Annual Report for FamilyMeans, and includes highlights of our financial service growth over the past year. To see the full Annual Report, click here and view as a PDF.

More than 15,400 individuals or families sought out FamilyMeans Consumer Credit Counseling Services (CCCS) in 2012 to receive credit counseling or discuss bankruptcy concerns, enroll in our debt management program, or seek financial education.

With guidance from FamilyMeans' debt management specialists, the agency assisted 2,272 households in repaying $13,157,823 through its Debt Management Program.

The agency's financial education outreach continued last year with visits to business and community organizations, prisons, schools, and college campuses. FamilyMeans also continued to partner with organizations such as Solid Ground where families participated in a money management series, and Northside Achievement Zone where families received Rent Wise education. People continue to have a choice when coming to FamilyMeans for credit counseling services, including classes like Personal Budgeting and Successful Credit Management; while others chose to participate in many of our online education options, including Better Fortunes and Money in Motion.

FamilyMeans added Credit Report Review sessions as a new credit counseling service. This credit report service allows individuals to meet with a credit counselor who helps them review and understand their credit report.

In the fall, FamilyMeans also added two new credit counseling service locations in an effort to expand their options in offering financial help for families. These locations include Hudson, WI, and St. Paul, MN, in addition to the exisiting locations throughout the Twin Cities, Rochester, MN, and Eau Claire, WS.

To learn more about FamilyMeans' credit counseling services, or how a debt management program can help you and your family begin repaying your debt, contact our credit counselors today to get started.