Prepare Caregivers for an Emergency with these Useful Tips

Prepare Caregivers for an Emergency with these Useful Tips

Apr 05, 2013

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Many caregivers know that an unexpected emergency can occur at any time. When it happens, items of need may be left behind as the emergency is addressed. Forgetting these items can lead to stress, disorientation, or worse, another emergency.

In order to prevent that, Caregiver Support staff at FamilyMeans recommends creating an “Emergency Grab and Go” folder or bag. Having items prepared goes a long way to reducing your stress levels during the emergency and can help you gain confidence when asked many questions during the moment. Taking a moment in advance to create a folder or a bag of emergency items for each member of the family can help prevent many of these issues.

An emergency folder or bag may include many of the following items: 

•                  A short medical history (including past surgeries or other major problems)

•                  Current medical conditions

•                  Doctors and phone numbers

•                  List of immunizations

•                  Allergies

•                  Insurance information

•                  Signed medical consent form

Also make sure to gather up all medications currently used by the care receiver, including herbal vitamins and over the counter medications in a plastic bag. Having those in a convenient location or container during every day needs and accessible in an emergency will make the moment more manageable.

If you are interested in receiving generic forms to help you get started, please contact Jenny West at FamilyMeans and we’d be happy to get you started on your own emergency kit. 

What other items would you recommend for an emergency kit?