To Families With Debt: Watch Out for False Promises

To Families With Debt: Watch Out for False Promises

Jul 22, 2011


STILLWATER, Minn., July 22, 2011At FamilyMeans, we hear daily about the financial struggles families face.

One story we hear all too often is the issues many have with debt settlement companies. While families may think they are paying off their debt, they might just be paying settlement fees while creditors go unpaid. In time, this can lead judgment processes and collection agencies, leaving nonprofits like FamilyMeans unable to help. 

Jim Kroening, CCCS & Operations Director at FamilyMeans Consumer Credit Counseling Service, recently wrote on this topic in the local Stillwater Gazette. To read the full article and gain a better understanding of the differences between credit counselors like FamilyMeans and debt settlement companies, visit their website HERE.

Thanks to the Stillwater Gazette for publishing the article.