50 Client Stories Celebrating Over 50 Years of Service


For over 50 years, FamilyMeans has been strengthening communities by strengthening families. During this time, the stories that have been lived and shared from the people who we've helped, who have helped us, supported us, and more, have shaped FamilyMeans.

During the next 50 years, we are excited to create even more lasting memories.

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1. Opportunities and Memories Follow Krystina From Landfall

2. Living Through Giving Back

3. Overcoming Debt through Financial Management

4. Hard Work, Detailed Plans, and Laughter Result in Event’s Success

5. FamilyMeans has grown like a well-tended garden

6. Administering to Families for 50 Years

7. Financial Services Volunteers Appreciated for their Dedication and Work

8. Caregiver Support an Unexpected Reward for One Family

9. The Need for Counseling Services in Stillwater, Minnesota Spans 50 Years

10. FamilyMeans Helps Build a Supportive Community Space for People in Need

11. Youth Programs at FamilyMeans Build Confidence Through Personal Connections

12. Debt Management Specialist Talks Debt Free Options for Families

13. FamilyMeans Next Gen Member Talks About Modern Family Units

14. FamilyMeans Board Chair Talks Creating Community

15. Next Generation Volunteers Help Promote the Agency

16. Making Pottery Can Help Manage Grief and Loss

17. Family is Out of Debt and Thankful

18. Supporting Youth with Opportunities Vital for Community Health

19. Support for Families Comes from Miles Away

20. Minnesota Youth Programs Offer Variety for Kids

21. Helping FamilyMeans Celebrate 25th and 50th Anniversaries

22. Volunteerism Provides Opportunities for Stillwater Area Girls

23. Stillwater MotorsCollects Gifts to Provide Holiday Cheer for Local Children

24. Cimarron Youth Take to the Streets of Lake Elmo

25. FamilyMeans Staff Makes the First Step Less Difficult

26. It's Important to Know Where Your Money Goes

27. FamilyMeans Responds to Changing Community Needs

28. Credit Counseling Can Help Families in Times of Need

29. Youth Programs Help Instill Values for Kids' Futures

30. FamilyMeans Offers Support for Critical Needs in the Community

31. Helping All Families Through Grief and Loss

32. Access to Services When They're Needed Makes a Difference

33. You're Not Alone in Asking For Help

34. Family is the Building Blocks of a Strong Community

35. Find Your Family's New Beginning at FamilyMeans

36. Day Out! and Youth Participants Come Together in Harmony

37. Debt Management Program Client Makes Last Payment

38. St. Croix Garden Tour Provides Weekend of Creative Ideas and Fun

39. Older Americans Show Growth in Population and Volunteer Activity

40. Cimarron Teens Talk Post High School Options with Landfall Alum

41. Men's Group Helps Strengthen Relationships and Focus on Self-Understanding

42. It's Never Too Late to Start Saving for the Holidays

43. Dementia Diagnosis Creates Unplanned Path for One Couple

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